We are a new company in the field of folk art

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We are a new company in the field of folk art, based in the beautiful city of Nafplion, Greece. We manufacture various types of handmade jewelry and stone decorations using materials such as stone, shells, pebbles, wood, glass as well as many other natural materials.

The roots of our work sprang from the great enthusiasm inspired by Efi, who shared her passion and love for art as it is expressed through her stone carving with her husband Giorgos, who worked as a marble sculptor and developed their new endeavor through his experience and ideas.

Our collection consists of various engraved rocks, such as sandstone, limestone, marble, and many more. They are hand-engraved using the same techniques and the same tools employed by ancient Greeks 2500 years ago, which contributed to the creation of our unique cultural heritage. All the pieces of our collection are treated individually and are rounded off with a perfect finish.

Our collection also includes jewelry with 925 o sterling silver elements, various pebble jewels, costume jewelry, beads, hand-engraved shell pendants as well as sea urchins.

A very important part of our products are ammonites –fossils dating back millions of years- which have been transformed into unique pieces of art.

We would like to introduce you to the ancient art of stone hand carving and to the rest of the items from our unique collection in order to give you the opportunity to impress your customers and to pass on our passion and skillful craft to them.

We participate every year in trade fairs all over Greece with the main one of "Folk Art" at the Metropolitan Expo.

Seize the chance and have every single recollection of a unique trip or experience forever engraved on a small or big stone-carved piece of jewelry by our company PETRA SKALISTI.


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Pricing policy

Our company follows the policy of cash deposit in bank account.
For orders over 250 euros we provide you with the unique, handmade wooden stand of our company.

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