Ammonite are fossils, the remnants of creatures that lived millions or thousands of years ago and have been transformed into stone by lying buried underground throughout the ages. Ammonites were once sea creatures and belonged to the cephalopod family. Given that ammonites were once living organisms, their fossils are associated with Akasha, the fifth element, which is considered the symbol of the spirit. They are the “living” proof that nothing is lost in nature, but instead turns into something new and evolves. Ammonites are considered objects that offer protection and magnify the dynamics of our personal energy, whether they may be placed as decorative ornaments or worn as jewelry. They symbolize regeneration, longevity and prosperity.

Therapeutic properties: According to legends and traditions, ammonites help in reducing the labour pains.
Magical properties: Fossils of all kinds can be worn as charms for promoting longevity based on their ancient historical existence.

Pendants with ammonite and 925° sterling silver elements

  • K10K10

Rings with ammonite and 925° sterling silver elements

  • D10D10

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