Jewelry from pebbles

These are truly unique pieces, both in design and color, as they are selected individually by us. The pebbles we collect and turn into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry are filled with the energy of the sea with their appearance varying depending on the subsoil of each region.

Necklaces with pebbles, beads, pendants, suede cords and rhinestones in different shapes and various designs

  • K13K13
  • K11K11

Rings with pebbles

  • D-12D-12
  • D12D12

Necklaces with cut pebbles and suede cord with metallic element

  • K-16K-16
  • K14K14
  • K15K15
  • K16K16

Rings with cut pebbles with metallic element

  • D13D13
  • D14D14

Earrings with cut pebbles with metallic element

  • S15S15
  • S16S16

Jewelry from seashells

The seashells in our collection are all unique pieces, both in design and color, and are selected individually by us.
They are turned into inimitable works of art as they are pierced and engraved exclusively by hand.

Necklaces with hand-engraved seashells in different designs with cord and matched with beads

  • K-21K-21
  • K19K19
  • K20K20
  • K21K21
  • K_21K_21

Earrings with seashells in the same colors as the necklaces

  • S10S10

Necklaces with pebbles and shells cut into slices with suede cord

  • K12K12

Rings with sea urchins in different sizes

  • D11D11

Set of natural materials, pebbles, stone

  • set-kosmimata-petra-1set-kosmimata-petra-1
  • set-kosmimata-petra-2set-kosmimata-petra-2
  • set-kosmimata-petra-3set-kosmimata-petra-3
  • set-kosmimata-petra-4set-kosmimata-petra-4

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